Non-ferrous metallurgy

Meridian with its wide network of high quality partners with competitive price range are able to offer Serbian market wide range of non-ferrous metallurgy.

We are offering pipes, sheets, plates, wires, bars... Contact us with specific inquiry, and working closely together with our partners, well-known European producers, we will offer best possible terms. Regular production range is located below, however we we are able to provide on request other materials.

We have possibility to deliver fast from European stocks, and also to arrange for new production.

Copper and copper alloys

Cu ETP, DHP, OF CuZn5 CuZn10 CuZn15
CuZn20 CuZn30 CuZn32 CuZn35
CuZn36 CuZn37 CuSn4 CuSn5
CuSn6 CuSn8 CuSn10 CuSn12
CuNi30Mn CuNi45Mn CuFe2 CuCrZr
CuBe2 CuSi3Mn1 CuNi2Si CuNi12Zn24

Nickel and nickel alloys

Ni99,7 Ni99,6 Ni99,2 Ni99,0
NiMn2,0 FeNi36 (INVAR) FeNi41 FeNi42
FeNi47,5Mn FeNi48,5Mn FeNi49,5 FeNi50
FeNi50,5Mn FeNi51 FeNi52 (NiFe47) FeNi47Cu5
FeNi28Co17 FeNi28Co18 FeNi79Mo4 NiCr20

Bronze and bronze alloys

CuSn6 CuSn8 CuSn12  CuSn5Zn5Pb5 

Aluminium and aluminium alloys

Al 99,5 AlMn1 AlMg1 AlMg3
AlSi1Mg0,8 AlSi1MgMn AlZn5,5MgCu