Document scanners SCAMAX - InoTec GmbH

Meridian more than 15 years ago became recognizable name on Document Management Systems market in Serbia and surroundings.

Significant contribution for that market position we could thank to high capacity scanners of German producer InoTec GmbH - SCAMAX.

High-end technology and quality of the scanners completely Made in Germany, allows scanning large volumes of documents of various sizes, content and paper quality.

SCAMAX H04 (models 510 and 515)

The high performance document scanner SCAMAX® 510
is designed to handle maximum paper volumes.
Throughout daily use it delivers top image quality quickly
and absolutely reliably – up to 460 A4 images per minute.
Heterogeneous documents are processed reliably.

The SCAMAX® 515 is a high performance document
scanner with integrated microfilm module (Hybrid
System). It enables users to produce digital and
analogue images in one pass without sacrificing speed.
Management of the microfilm unit does not require any
additional software. Index data pertaining to the digital
and analogue images are available for downstream

SCAMAX M06 (models 402, 412 and 422)

Being a German scanner manufacturer, our precision
engineered reliable document scanners provide you
with machines of unprecedented reliability, for use at
one of the most crucial interface points in your
business processes. Models 402, 412 i 422 provides scanning speed from 180 to 300 images per minute (90 to 150 A4 sheets).

As the models 510 i 515, also have belt paper transport system, efficient and reliable document feed, image enhancement on board, focusing led illumination unit and many other advance features.